Johnny Cash Honors All Vetrans!

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Johnny Cash Honors All Veterans!
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We've all heard many stories of the Man in Black.  But, there was a side to Johnny Cash that very few people had the privilege to see.  Johnny Cash had a tender heart toward the men and women who served our country to allow us to live in Freedom today.  Because of that love for our service men and women, he joined General William Westmoreland, Admiral Tom Moorer and Captain Eugene McDaniel in the Elvis Presley Suite of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Memphis, TN to create TV commercials for the purpose of raising money to erect monuments throughout the country to honor the men and women who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Americans.


On November 29th, 2007, these TV commercials will be aired for the first time at The International Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame.  These beautifully moving commercials feature many touching statements from three military officers.  Probably the most heart-wrenching of all is the quote from Captain Eugene McDaniel, an American pilot whose airplane was shot down in Vietnam.  He said "As a POW in Vietnam for six years, I learned to appreciate freedom".


Johnny Cash loved the United States of America, and joined this group of distinguished military leaders in an effort to teach all of us the joy of living in Freedom in the country we love.  And he was very cognizant of the plight of the men and women serving our country.  In these commercials, he is shown wearing a MIA bracelet given to him by a wife of an American soldier being held overseas against his will for over 20 years.


Johnny Cash, General Westmoreland, Admiral Tom Moorer and Captain Eugene McDaniel all recognized the price of freedom in this country has been very high, and continues to be so.  Come join us on November 29th for a moving evening as we recognize the efforts of these men to create awareness across our country for the value of freedom.  The evening will also feature a speech by Johnny Cash's drummer and long life friend - W. S. Holland.  W. S. will share the stories from his life with The Man in Black.


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