Rockabilly Fest 2001 hosted a world's record setting event on Saturday June 30, 2001 at 10:00 AM at the Jackson Fairgrounds in Jackson, Tennessee. At that time the record for the "Most Drummers Playing A Full Set Of Drums On One Song" was set when 52 drummers participated in accompanying Stan Perkins as he sang and played "Blue Suede Shoes."

Participants included:

D.J. FontanaThe Elvis Presley Band
W.S. HollandThe Johnny Cash Band
J.M. Van EatonThe Jerry Lee Lewis Band
Dick RichardsThe Bill Haley Comets Band
Jerry PlunkThe Flaming Embers Band
Buddy HarmonJerry Lee Lewis Band and Renowned Session Musician
W.L. StoneThe W.L. Stone Band
Ron PerroneThe Dempseys
Sherri McGeeThe Velvet Elvis Band
Bobby Joe SwilleyThe Alton & Jimmy Band
Bobby CrawfordSonny Burgess &The Legendary Pacers
Laney StringerAndy Anderson & the Dawn Breakers
Richard TimbsAndy Anderson & the Rolling Stones
Jason Cody WhiteheadN.E. Mississippi Community College Band
David HortonFirst UMC Band
Lafayette McKinnieIndependent
DeAngela McKinnieJackson Central Merry Band
Hugh Harvey, Jr.General Sessions Court Judge
Gene HoustonPam Tillis & Blood, Sweat and Tears Band

The band included: Stan Perkins, lead guitar and vocals, Russ Hall on keyboards, and Dick McVey on bass.