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From Henry Harrison
Induction into the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Jimmy Adams Media will video Rockin’ Reggie Vinson’s induction ceremony into Jackson, Tennessee’s International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, and distribute it in a 192 foreign countries.

Reggie Vinson:
 Recent recordings - 7,000,000 hits “Looking for Love Again” with Little David Wilkins - itube247.com
800,000 hits in two days - “If I Can Dream Imagine” with Little David Wilkins - itube247. com
Contemporary Gospel Artist of the Year 2013-2014
Grammy - Guitarist-Backup Singer “School Days” for Alice Cooper

Ten Gold and Platinum Recordings Etta James, Chuck Berry, John Lennon, Alice Cooper and Liberace.
Reggie is nephew to Grand Ole’ Opry performer Minnie Pearl

Induction Ceremony:

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame
105 North Church Street
Jackson, Tn. 38301, USA

May 22, 2015 7:00 PM
From Henry Harrison
Jimmy "Jimbo" Hale Induction and Dance
 (Member of renowned Bill Black Combo)

Jimmy "Jimbo" Hale will be inducted into the
International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, Saturday Night, March 14th.

"Jimbo" began his musical career playing upright
bass with Roy and Tommy Cash. (Johnny
Cash was already making his way with hit recordings).

Bill Black separated from Elvis Presley’s band to form
 the Bill Black Combo. "Jimbo" was destined to soon
 become a member of this new Dance Band.
 With hit records, and using this new upbeat style of music,
 it would soon become the renowned dance band of early
Rock and Roll music history.

"Jimbo" made friends and fans with Merle Haggard,
Jerry Lee Lewis, Chet Atkins, Marty Robbins, The
 Kingston Trio, The Dixie Cups, and the Veltones.
He toured with Tuck Shutt and Little David Wilkins.

Working with Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger), Eddie
Dean and Lash LaRue placed him among the Silver
Screens leading actors.

The International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame is pleased
to induct Jimmy "Jimbo" Hale.

Britt Bros. Band will perform music for the evening.
There is a $5.00 cover charge. Tax deductible donations
to the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame are accepted.
From Henry Harrison - News for immediate release
"Carl Perkins Sang. Paul McCartney Cried. Linda said,"Don’t stop, Carl.
Those are the first tears Paul has shed since John was killed."

"Paul McCartney called. He asked me to fly to Montserrat and play guitar on some of the songs he is recording there," Carl Perkins said. "George Martin’s Air Recording Studio is there.  That’s where the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sting and many recognized bands go to record their songs.  I will be back in a week or so," Carl said.

Carl Perkins wrote the song "My Old Friend" on his flight to Montserrat. He used some of the last words John Lennon spoke to Paul McCartney after their reconciling at the "Dakota" in New York City.  Ten days after their meeting and reconciliation, John David Chapman took a 22 pistol, shot John Lennon in the back and killed him.

"I started playing this new song I had written to Paul and Linda, 'My Old Friend'. Paul started crying. I stopped!  Linda said "Don’t stop, Carl. Those are the first tears Paul has shed since John was killed."

"I had no idea these words were the ones John Lennon had spoken to Paul at their last meeting" Carl said.  "This gave me an eerie feeling. It was as if some Spirit had guided me."

"If we never meet again this side of life
Over yonder in a little while
where there’s peace and quiet
won't you think about me
every now and then,
My old Friend"

The Isle of Montserrat Tourism Department, in an email, gave permission for a visit to the famous. George Martin’s Air Studio where this duet was recorded.This studio was badly damaged in a volcano in the 1990’s.  Permission was granted for us to video and take photographs, inside and out, of badly damaged studio where these great artists made music history.

The International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee provides a venue to showcase great rockabilly artists through videos and personal testimony. Carl made his home here. He was living in Jackson when he wrote "My old Friend," "Blue Suede Shoes"  and many other mega-hit songs. Adding videos and photographs of this renowned studio would be of tremendous value to the historical preservation of the lives and events of Rockabilly Music history makers. 

Sponsors are needed to assist in covering the expenses of travel, filming and editing these videos and pictures to preserve history site > and occasion in the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame.

If interested in participating in this venture, please contact:
 Henry Harrison.
(731) 217-3350
From Henry Harrisonon
From Henry Harrison
  Carl Perkins said he was living in this Government Housing Project (in Jackson, Tennessee) when he awoke about 3 O’Clock in the morning and took a brown paper bag and wrote “Well, it’s one for the money. Two for the Show. three to get ready now Go Cat Go but don’t you step on my Blue Suede Shoes”.

The building has been removed and you can stand on the vacant lot, where it was located on the corner of Chester Avenue and Phillips Street in Jackson, Tennessee. The “International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame” is a few minutes drive away. Tour Guides tell the story of a “Share Croppers Son” becoming the “God Father of Rockabilly Music”.
From Henry Harrison
News Release

News for immediate release:

Marvelous and Many volunteers build Jackson, Tennessee
Add $100,000.00s and $100,000.00s to the economy
Music Festivals - Guided Tours - Music Museum
International, National and Local Volunteers for the
International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

"Superstars and Special People"

Ray Walker (The Jordanaires), Stan Perkins (toursing European & Australia)
Ronnie McDowell (The King is Gone) Ace Cannon, (Re-nowned Saxophonist)
Billy Burnette (Fleetwood Mac & John Forgarty lead guitarist)
The Hammonds, (Gilligan's Island TV Music) Jamie Teachenor,
(Successful Song Writer) Panama Bob, (Grand Ole’ Opry Stage)
James Satterwhite, (Nashville School of the Arts
Madison County Volunteer Sheriff Department.

Clyde Watson, C. W. Gatlin, The Yancey’s - (from Arkansas)
Floyd Curtis, Gary Abbott, the Boys From Memphis, (from Memphis)
Joe Rickman - (from Mississippi) Jim Teachenor (From Missouri)
Bo Jack - (West Tennessee) Randy Elliott (From Memphis)
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Smith ( from Dyersburg)

Ulf Nilsson & the Cadillac Band with Tommy Blom,
Borje Hallberg, Gert Lendstrand, Bosse Presson,
Alecia Helgesson, and Edward Johanssan (Sweden)
Rockfolket (From Norway) Francois Roche (From France)

A special thanks to Lee Gaugh, Susie Danley, Elsie Danley, Jeff Little,
Jeff Little, Wayne Cole, Glen Anthony & his band, Eddie Ridell, Newt Hall,
Jackson Ballroom Dance Club, the Rockabilly Rockers Dance team with
Sue Ross, Cathy Wright, Roger and Martha McGee, Heron Morris
and many, many others.

"Volunteers Help Build Jackson, Tennessee"
International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Adds $100,000.00s and $100,000.00s dollars to the economy

Music Festival - Guided Tours - Music Museum

News Release

Frank Sinatra, Jr. arrived early for his performance with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.
He had flown the conductor of The Lettermen from California to Jackson a few days earlier
(at his expense) to conduct rehearsals with the orchestra. (He was using some of the special
musical arrangements from his Las Vegas Performances).

He also knew Mr. Petty, our Jackson Symphony Orchestra Conductor, had recently resigned.
He may have been concerned about the harmony in our symphony organization. (Thanks
to one symphony musician every thing progressed in a normal manner).

There was also concern for Mr. Sinatra’s safety. This was the result of his once having been
kidnapped. Mr. Jim Brady, Retired FBI Agent, agreed to be in charge of security for his
performance appearance in the Jackson Civic Center. The Jackson Symphony organization
provided Mr.Brady, and his agency friends with a front row table. (Table number two)

Mr. Vince Carbone, apparently had been assigned, to insure Mr. Sinatra’s safety where
ever he traveled. He telephoned three to four times a day and inquired as to the progress
for his special performance. Mr. Carbone also asked two additional questions.
Have any ladies indicated a special attraction to Mr. Sinatra and has he received any
extra money.
After this highly successful performance (it raised approximately $81,000 in annual
ticket sales) for the Jackson Symphony, Heavenly Ham sent him Bar-Qued-Ham and
thanked him for his special performance in Jackson, Tennessee.

Henry Harrison

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

  * Click picture for bigger size.
Carl Perkins Home
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Carl Perkins Home
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Carl Perkins Loren Hollander (Director of the Arts - Rockefeller Foundation)
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Carl Perkins performance suit
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Carl Perkins, Henry Harrison with Statler Bros. in the background
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  Carl Perkins Performs in First United Methodist Church
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News from Henry Harrisonnn
Carl Perkins death was widely reported by the news media around the world on
January 20, 1998.

The New York Times devoted 1/2 page story on Carl's legendary life, music and picture. (Head lines read)

 Carl Perkins dies at 65; Rockabilly Pioneer Wrote 'Blue Suede Shoes'

 A sound that stood for freedom and set the stage for rock.

The Jackson Sun front page headlines with a picture (Carl's home city, Jackson, Tennessee)

Carl Perkins 1932 - 1998 A legend Leaves Us News Media From Around the World Announced Carl's death.

 The pictured news release at Carl's death is from France and in French. Could some one please translate it for us and we will be able to display it in the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee where Carl was living when he wrote, recorded and released on Sun Records his Rockabilly Mega-Hit recording - Blue Suede Shoes.

 Henry Harrison, President, International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Sam Phillips 2002

Sam Phillips spoke on opening night of the
"International Rockabilly Festival" in Jackson,
He honored Carl Perkins with his SAM - SUN AWARD.
He said the SAM - SUN AWARD was named after the
biblical man Samson - THE WORLD'S STRONGEST
MAN. He said "Carl Perkins was the world's strongest
man in Rockabilly Music".
He presented his award to Stan Perkins and unveiled a
permanently in the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame.

You have to go to New York City to see the
Statue Of Liberty

You also have to go to Jackson, Tennessee to see

The International Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame Museum


Stained Glass Window Project

George Klein & Elvis Presley

Charlie Daniels

Brian Setzer


*More to come


"Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"
has become an American classic.
"Little Miss Dynamite" continues to be one
of the most popular entertainers of all times.

The International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame
is pleased to announce music history
"Legends Live Here"

News From Henry

Atsushi Maeda, Gifu-Ken Kan1-Shi Japan, on a musical tour of Tennessee music attractions, receives a surprise boxing lesson from Henry Harrison in the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, in Jackson, Tennessee.


Europeans fly 9,506 miles for Rockabilly Celebration

76 Europeans Travel 9,506 Miles to Celebrate
Rockabilly Music
(in the city where it was born)
Jackson, Tennessee

Ulf Nilsson and the Cadillac Band will lead
some of the most significant, the most influential
and the most revered Rockabilly Artists in
Sweden and Demark to Jackson, Tennessee.

They are scheduled to perform August 8, 9 & 10th
in celebration of the music made famous by
Carl Perkins, (the God Father of Rockabilly Music)
whose number one hit recording of his song,
"Blue Suede Shoes" made "Rockabilly" a popular
music in many areas of the world.

Their artists to be inducted into Jackson's
"International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame" include:

Rockfolket Band - Sweden
Kim Mellius Larsen - Denmark
Janne Lucas Persson - Sweden
Topcats Band - Sweden
Venue Special Price Band - Sweden

A Stained Glass Window in Jackson's "International
Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame"' will permanently honor
The Cadillac Band Members Borje Hallberg, Gert
Lengstrand, Tommy Blom and band leader
Ulf Nilsson. (by Artist Lee Gaugh, and team members
Elszie Danley, Wayne Cole, and Justin Lyons)

This European entourage will fly in excess of
9,506 miles round trip to celebrate in Jackson.
They will also tour other cities while in the
United States.

You must go to New York City to visit the
Statue of Liberty. You must come to Jackson,
Tennessee to visit the home of Rockabilly Music.

You are invited to be a sponsor of this event.
Henry (731) 217-3350

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame
105 North Church Street,
Jackson, Tennessee 38301

The Cadillac Band

Here is a picture of the members in The Cadillac band.


Mr Börje Hallberg (baseplayer) Gert Lengstrand, Tommy Blom, and Ulf Nilsson
bandleader of The Cadillac band and drummer.


Post from Henry Harrison

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame honors FBI Agent, Jim Brady (ret.)
Barbara Mandrell being interviewed on Jim Brady Day in Jackson June 18th


Post from Henry Harrison

Billy Grammer & Henry Harrison
*Click for bigger picture

Billy Grammer, Grand Ole Opry Performer,  standing in my office in Harrison Toyota, in Jackson, Tennessee.  He brought Merle Travis with him to perform a free show because of the Blue Laws.  They performed in the service department of the dealership.

Post from Henry Harrison

*Click for bigger picture

Wanda Jackson, giving me a smooth, at our first International Rockabilly
Music Festival in the year 2000.  It was a nice way to end the century!

The Cadillac Band


News Release!

News for immediate release:

Founder and Owner of Sun Records
Donate A Solid Gold Recording to Jackson, Tennessee

Sam Phillips and Shelby Singleton, the only owners of "Sun Records" for over 57 years, should receive another award. This award would be, not for recording the songs of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Rayburn Anthony and the many others - which they did. This would be for recording the music history which was made in the 1950s, and preserved through 2010. It is now shown daily at the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame Museum in Jackson, Tennessee.

They seemed to enjoy blending our stories. The joy of living near Johnny Cash throughout childhood, being born a few miles from Narvel Felts, (one year apart), Elvis Presley coming the gym to watch me train for boxing, being on the same Golden Gloves Boxing Team with Johnny Burnette, running on the grass at Humes High School with Red West, (Elvis' Body Guard for years), Repossessing Jerry Lee Lewis used car for Mr. John Jeffcoat Used Car business in Memphis (which helped me pay my way through college); Carl Perkins recording our Toyota Automobile commercials in exchange for a demonstrator to drive, and Carl Carl Perkins asking me to be the first President of his Child Abuse Prevention Center which he wanted to build in Jackson, seemed to tie us together with a united and single purpose:

To Preserve the Past and Promote the Future of "Rockabilly Music" which "was born at Sun Records and in the Dance Halls of Jackson, Tennessee". for helping build an authentic musical museum in Jackson which is exciting and authentic in every way. Their contribution to the "International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame" is monumental and magnificent. You might call it a solid gold recording for Jackson.

Sam would speak in Jackson on the opening day of the Rockabilly Music Festival. Sharing his knowledge, and excitement, in having built a musical monument to music was evident on every occasion. Discovering and developing the musical genius of such artists as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash has left him a permanent in place in music history.

Shelby Singleton, is now a or many years on the advisory board. He made trip after trip to Jackson to relay authentic and reliable information on Sun Record company and the number of artists who recorded there.

Sam Phillips and Shelby Singleton (Shelby came to Jackson for 18 consecutive months) and provided valuable written and oral information on the music "born at Sun Records and in the Dance Halls of Jackson, Tennessee".

Shelby donated a book which in order the name of every artist, and every song, that was recorded at Sun Records between 1953 and 2010. (Elvis' first recording was in 1953. His first release was in 1954. Carl Perkins' first record release was also in 1954).

Carl Mann, whose musical career began also in the 1950s, will be honored October 22nd at Jackson's "International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame" with a life time achievement award. His rockabilly recording of "Mona Lisa" made musical history around the world. Carl also recorded 70 additional songs that were released by the legendary Sun Record Company.

Shelby Singleton and Sam Phillips were the only two owners of Sun Records for over 57 years! Their memories and their contribution in building an authentic and reliable museum in Carl Perkins home Jackson, Tennessee on the history of Rockabilly Music is not only appreciated it is deeply cherished.

Thanks Mr. Sam! Thank You Shelby. You will always be honored in the museum you helped develop in Jackson.

Henry Harrison

International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame
105 North Church Street
Jackson, Tennessee 38302
Email Information below!
Information: email Henry Harrison: rock@rockabillyhall.org

News from The International  Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame

Sir Paul McCartney and Carl Perkins featured in Mural at
International Rock-a-billy Hall Of Fame

Carl Perkins and his original band are featured in this mural.

Carl Perkins gave birth to Rockabilly Music

Paul McCartney sent it around the world.

Both are featured in this 28'x70' mural
"International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame".
Tour guides tell their remarkable story.

"Triumphs and Tragedies filled the life of Carl Perkins.
Tour guides tell the amazing and marvelous story of
Mr. Blue Suede Shoes" the founder and father of "Rockabilly"

News for immediate release!

 Rockabilly Music's Greatest Entertainers
Tour Today
Jackson, Tennessee welcomes you to the
"International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame"

Personal guided tours by Henry Harrison

"Hey bub, Elvis is watching you" This was read at Henry's induction into the "Memphis Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame" Both went to Dave Wells Community Center in Memphis and lived only a few blocks from each other in Memphis.

Carl Perkins asked Henry to be President of the Child Abuse Prevention Center he was building in Jackson, Tennessee and help him raise the money. (He worked with Carl for years)

Uncle Frank cut Johnny Cash's hair at Dyess, Arkansas. He was the local barber for many of the farm boys who lived in North East Arkansas.

Narvel Felts lived a few miles form Dyess at Kaiser, Arkansas.  (Henry was born only a few miles away at Marie, Arkansas)

Henry produced shows of: Johnny Cash, the Statler Bros., Hank Williams Jr, Charlie Daniels Band, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, Wayland Jennings, and many other artists in Jackson, Tennessee.

Action, Energy and Excitement are yours on a personal tour of the "International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame" in Jackson, Tennessee by some one who knew them personally.


Web site: www.rockabillyhall.org
telephone - Henry Harrison (731) 217-3350